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Train the eyes - maximize performance

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

One of the secret weapons to human optimization is training your visual system.

The reason why is quite simple, yet so few people are aware of this.

Your brain is the main operator of your body and controls literally everything:

  • energy levels

  • pain

  • speed

  • explosiveness

  • strength

  • endurance

  • mobility

  • and more

Survival vs. Performance

That's why it's safe to say that optimizing your brain will lead to better perfomance.

However one of your brain‘s biggest interests is SURVIVAL, not performance.

The art of staying alive is being able to obverse your surroundings for potential danger/threats. Most information about your environment comes from your eyes.

The big problem however, is that a lot of people have problems with their visual system: clarity, limited movement, eye muscle imbalances, ...

Training the eyes reduces the threat load to the brain

This will increase the threat load to the brain because it won’t feel as „safe“

Optimizing the visual system will thus lead to more safety for the brain and thus better performance, decreased pain, ...

Better take care of your eyes!

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